Led Zeppelin The Original “KASHMIR” Video

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Led Zeppelin is one of those few rock bands with such a rich, impressive catalogue. “Stairway to Heaven” might be the most popular but they also have other epic tunes that deserve the same recognition and appreciation.

“Kashmir” is absolutely brilliant. From Robert Plant’s hauntingly beautiful vocals to Jimmy Page’s excellent guitar work, it’s wild from start to finish. Clocking in at over 8 minutes long, it’s the very definition of Led Zeppelin’s sound. It’s hypnotic and once you hear it, you’ll never listen to other rock songs the same way again.

“The intensity of ‘Kashmir’ was such that when we had it completed, we knew there was something really hypnotic to it, we couldn’t even describe such a quality. At the beginning, there was only Bonzo [drummer John Bonham] and me in Headley Grange. He played the rhythm on drums, and I found the riff as well as the overdubs which were thereafter duplicated by an orchestra, to bring more life to the track. It sounded so frightening at first…” – Jimmy Page

So we’ll take you to a trip down memory lane with this original video of “Kashmir.” And it will make you want to go back to this glorious era in rock ‘n roll!

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