Lars Ulrich says he’s never been very interested in drumming skills

In an interview with Polar Music Prize, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talked about his unique way of playing drums.

Read what he said:

“For me, it’s always the music and the band in the first place. The drums, or the guitars, or anything else that is rolling, is just part of a great picture. So, what you always have to do, is to leave your ego at the door and do the best for the song, for the song, for the sound in general”.

“What has always been most interesting to me about drums is: How do you fit it? (…) I’ve never been very interested in skill. ‘Wow! This guy is so good! ‘Yeah, he’s good, but that does not mean he can make it work in a group. (…)”

“I’ve always seen the drums as a group instrument. I’ve never been very interested in playing alone – you know, sitting in a basement, practicing drums solos for hours on end, this is not me! So being in a band, writing songs, making records, being part of a gang, being part of a band, it has always fascinated me.”

Asked by Rhythm magazine in 2008 about how it feels to be called a poor drummer, Lars said:

“You wake up one day and you’re the way you are, whatever. It did not bother me for about 15 years. I’m not Joey Jordison, I’m not Mike Portnoy, and I have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for all these guys.”

“When I hear some young people, they enchant me with what they can do with their feet and their things – but it’s not something that makes me feel, ‘I need to feel better about myself, so I’ll learn to do with my feet, the what they do ‘. I’m not a particularly accomplished drummer, but I’m very, very, very good at understanding the role of drums alongside James Hetfield’s guitar. I guarantee that I’m the best guy in the world for that, and that’s enough for me! ”

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