Beatles Fan Jams “Yesterday” During Guitar Surgery

Literally The Performance Of  His Life

If you’ve been finding excuses to not pick up your guitar and practice, prepare to be shamed into marching right back into your bedroom, picking up that guitar, and playing your little heart out! In 2015, Brazilian banker and musician Anthony Kulkamp Dias was facing the fight of his life as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent lifesaving brain surgery as a result. This wasn’t just any brain surgery, though; his doctors, wanting to carefully monitor brain activity in areas that govern speech, sensory and motor functions, kept Anthony awake for the procedure by having him actually play his guitar throughout the surgery.

A performance that included Brazilian country songs, a song he wrote for his daughter and a cover of The Beatles’ “Yesterday,” Anthony quite literally gave the performance of his life – check it out in the video below, you have to see it to believe it!

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